Insight: Profit Bonanza Eludes Companies Chasing Obesity Business

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Magazines Linked to Unhealthy Dieting

And as Unilever reviews its portfolio of underperforming food assets, analysts say its Slim-Fast brand is one that could come up for sale. Bernstein Research estimates Slim-Fast had 2012 sales of 300 million euros ($402 million), 34 percent lower than when Unilever agreed to buy it in 2000 for $2.3 billion. “The need for the services is increasing, unfortunately, but there are a lot of companies that have not done well,” said Jon Canarick of North Castle, which also bought the firm behind the Atkins diet from its post-bankruptcy lenders in 2007. “I credit most of that to a combination of the economy and the influx of competition.” Weak economies have curbed demand for pricey, specialist dieting schemes just as competition has exploded from a host of electronic apps that count calories for free – and securing insurance reimbursement has been an uphill fight for new drugs that cost around $160-$200 a month in the United States. BURDEN OF DISEASE Obesity prevalence has increased by more than 40 percent across the OECD industrialized countries and half of U.S. adults are now forecast to be obese by 2030 unless Americans change their ways.
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When dieting and exercise hurt you

So say University of Minnesota experts, including Patricia van den Berg, PhD. Their study doesn’t prove the magazines caused teen girls to go on unhealthy diets or use extreme measures to control their weight. But parents pure garcinia cambogia might want to limit their teenaged daughters’ exposure to magazines that prize thinness, and teens should put media images in perspective, van den Berg’s team says. The study appears in Pediatrics’ January edition. Teen Dieting Researchers looked at 2,516 Minnesota teens, divided roughly equally by sex.
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An overweight woman sits on a chair in Times Square in New York, May 8, 2012. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

If you’ve ever felt a stabbing pain in the arch of your foot after working out, you might be suffering from plantar fasciitis. This painful foot injury occurs if you put excessive strain on the underside of the foot, explains Ryan Halvorson, a personal trainer from the IDEA Health & Fitness Association. It can strike runners and walkers alike when the muscles of the foot are overused due to repetitive motion. The arch support becomes strained, small tears develop, and the tissue stiffens as a protective response.
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